A friend who can't eat trix, because trix are for kids.
Siwwy Bobbin, trix are fo kids!
by h9 May 16, 2004
A nickname for Robert.
Often given by parents then later used by girlfriends.
Lexy: I'll always love you Bobbins
Robert: Please don't call me that...
by mockingbirdlexy September 22, 2009
An expression which describes the poor remedial fix of an object/item.

It can also be a reference to a vital part of the anatomy.
"Hey Trigger, that twirly wirly bar you taped together has been returned by a customer. They said it was bobbins"

"oi, I braked too hard and I slipped off my seat smashing up me bobbins!"
by Vindows Wertex October 06, 2006
A term usually assoicated with the female brest

FUCKME claire. look at the size of that jades bobbins!
by clairejadeaaron September 09, 2008
A various and/or mysterious sexually transmitted disease
"I told him not to fuck with Harry, but now he gots dah bobbins"

" Man don't fuck with LaRonda man, you'll get the bobbins"
by Conor November 07, 2004
the act of receiving oral sex
hey sam, did u get bobbins from her?
by c-cubed April 20, 2006
Another term for sucking dick, cock, or anything else that can be sucked.
"Dude, she got down and started bobbin'!"

"You need to get over here and start bobbin'!"

"You know she be bobbin' dat head!"
by mookalatte July 13, 2015

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