The Act of Tapping the end of your penis on a chin of your partner!
"yea so.... last nite this lass gave me head and when i finished i kept Bobbin' it on her chin"
by Flithy Lex May 19, 2009
Bobbins is a Lancashire word for Crazy
"My mum is bobbins she asked if Aberdeen was in the EU!"
by LancashireMan January 06, 2014
the act of smoking weed
"that bobbin?"
by that nigga frank August 16, 2006
Small baby boy - looking particularly like a pixie.
See also plob, splob, plobbin and ker-bobbin
He's tha speshal bobbin...
by moomintroll May 26, 2005
A group of baby robins
I saw a nest of bobbins today - good thing they weren't close to a nest of beagles, or we would have witnessed the circle of life in action!
by supermintyfresh July 23, 2011
cool or awesome. like fetch in mean girls.
-i got new shoes
-those are so bobbin
by asdf February 27, 2005
1.To have hair that looks as though it has been cut using an upturned bowl.A good example of a bobbin hairstyle would be that of woolaston.
2.Having jocks land on your head in a barette style by the action of a ceiling fan in full motion whilst engaged in the bobbin game.
1."that lady has bobbin hair"
2. we were playing the bobbin game and i won by 3 bobbins
by umbie March 22, 2004

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