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to run quick fast, to leave every one in the dust
Yo Dai had to boat when the cops saw his "Merchindise"
by CasaNova23 June 03, 2005
0 14
To have, give, or partake that of being rocked.
If the van is boat, ease up.

The frag-fest was tough, but we sent them crying in a boat.
by Elfven Sakudar October 13, 2003
2 17
Somthing very bad.

Origin west midlands, England

See also Shite, bollox Etc
Fok me the Wolvs are boat
by Bobby Kanker August 14, 2003
2 17
Yuo know... BOAT. Kind of like goat, but with other letters. See bote.
Have you ever sailed on a steam-boat? I sure hope not! Usually (unless your some kind of freak) steam-boats don't have sails!
by CelticWonder November 22, 2002
9 24
B.O.A.T. - an acronym for "bend over and take it." Can be used as a phrase, nickname or verb
used when giving someone that's complaining a hard time

person 1: i'm tired my feet hurt
person 2: hey, B.O.A.T!
by mandamondo May 08, 2005
6 22
Something cool, rad. The shit.
That antique Pontarlier glass is the boat!
by Jack Batemaster January 07, 2004
11 31
Another name for F.O.B. in South Florida, mostly used to describe hatians and cubans.
"Man, that hatian is a boat!"
by Ah_BeA January 18, 2004
1 22