Common slang at Oxford and Cambridge for someone who is obsessed with rowing.

Symptoms include:

- Being on a boat club committee

- Excessive rowing chat in public places or during meal times

- The habitual wearing of rowing stash around college

- Incessant boasting at breakfast about how great he/she is for getting up at 6am
Ed is *such* a boatie. Do you think he showers with that gilet on?
by theoldadage December 04, 2010
Top Definition
A boatie is defined as Jake Gluyas
He's a proper boatie.

A what?

A Jake Gluyas

Oh ok, I get you
by Banter98 July 20, 2011
Slang term for a surf boat rower (traditionally Australian sport).

Boaties are 'generally' fit, fun loving and considered nuts by non boaties for participating in such a mad sport!

They also 'generally' like to drink and participate in silly drinking games.
"Gee those guys can drink"
"Yeah, they're boaties"

by MadMolly February 05, 2010
Getting high on a boat. Smoking marajuana with friends on a boat. Sorda like a roadie except on a BOAT!
Lets go on a boatie this afternoon!
by Trophywife March 22, 2007
getting head on a boat while driving
(not to be confused with a roadie or a skyscraper)
dude i just got a boatie from logan
by the boatist June 27, 2009
noun one who thinks they know it all when in fact they know little or nothing. verb to be boatied - to be subjected to listening to a boatie
she is so full of crap, she's an absolute boatie
by boatied to death April 20, 2005
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