A drinking game consisting of two teams with an equal amount of players. One shot of beer is poured into each players cup, one player from each team chugs their shot then must flip their cup by setting it on the edge of the table and using one hand (cup flips from right side up to up side down). Once the first players cup lands correctly the next team member chugs & flips and so on until the first team completes the race.
"We killed them at Boat Races, best out of three!"
by Kitts May 25, 2006
Top Definition
In a sporting event, the team getting out to an early lead and coasting home.
The Detroit Lions will get boat raced this weekend.
by T-JAM November 14, 2008
A team-based drinking contest. Opposing teams (usu. 5 members each) sit opposite eachother along a table. At the gun, the first member of each team drinks their beverage (usu. beer) as quickly as possible. Upon completion, each player slams his/her mug to the table, signifying that the next teammate can begin their drink, like a relay race. At the end of the table, the last team member (called 'the Anchor') must complete two drinks before play proceeds back through each team (the 'return trip') until the first player of the winning team finishes his/her second drink.
We were doing boat races last night at the Student Union building, but Pete had four shots before we started and he couldn't finish the return trip.

by Figleaf23 June 17, 2007
When two or more people masturbate at the same time in a race to the finish. Friends may also watch and place bets.
"Drinks are on me, I won lots of money last night when I bet on Manny at the boat race. He fapped faster than the human eye could even perceive."
by Mouthy Broadcast October 28, 2014
Face (its ryming slang)
Nice legs - shame about the boat
by Giles September 23, 2003
Cockney Rhyming slang for "face"
as in shes got "harry" on her "boat" meaning she's got spunk on her face!
by Dannyboy December 02, 2003
An evening defined by drunken shenanigans, gratuitous dancing, good company and good tunes. Usually including Jaff.
Mate, what a fucking boatrace, it was mate.
Fancy a boatrace?
by Womsam December 04, 2007

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