Another word for the female vagina.
Can you find the little man in the boat? AKA the clitoris.
by Nimby Snatch February 19, 2010
Something that fails miserably.
Jason: Everyone's leaving my WoW raid.
Dark: It's a boat
Jason: :(
by Dewm July 06, 2009
something that floats on water.
look at the boat on the water!
by 000ironman000 October 13, 2008
BOAT is an acronym for Body Odor Ass & Toes. It describes the way something smells.
"I say you he smell like boat! B O A T boat!. Body odor ass and toes, boat!" -crazy bum on a Chicago train.
by John "Bonzo" Bonham September 03, 2007
A type of nautical transportation in which you can fish, sail, and do lots of fun stuff. Commonly seen in Bond movies and other nautical type filmographia.
SchoolYon: "I jammed on my boat yesterday!"
DrNick: "Word."
by Dr Nick November 22, 2002
another word for FUCK. but only in the right context.
GAZ; you want to go to the pub?

ADAM; DO I BOAT.....(meaning; Do I fuck
by plauge April 28, 2009
to pass somebody in a vehicle and cut in front of them
i'm bout to boat on this slow ass fool
by rippstudwell September 11, 2006

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