1. Acronym of 'Bit of a twat'.
2. Alternatively, can be used instead of 'Bit of a tit'.
"Tony Blair - What a BOAT!!"
by Neon Kampf March 19, 2009
Boat. Cockney Rhyming slang (Boat Race - face).
"That pill head was pulling boats" (pulling faces)

"Look at the boat on her/him"
by Kieran Mc July 12, 2005
An uneven burning at the tip of a joint or blunt. See also canoe
Quit sucking so hard, you're creating a boat.
by e-vis October 03, 2003

1. A group of gamers with the intent to kill any enemy whether he be alone, have friends or be level 10 or level 50.

Not to be confused with a fair fight of something similar to,
1v1, 3v3, 6v6, or any way of a fair fight.

A boat is only a boat if it originated as a boat.

Meaning you can't be 6v6 and 2 of your team members die making it 6v4 and then suddenly the enemy is boating. Since it originated as a fair fight it still is considered a fair fight and not a boat.

If it was 6v2 at the start then that would be considered boating or a boat, but once a fair fight is started it is a fair fight unless either team has others join in the fight making it suddenly an unfair fight.

Term originating from the Server Ariel in the MMO Aion.

Believed to be derived from the word, "BOATLOAD".
Asmodian: What is happening in Beluslan?

Asmodian #2: There is an Elyos boat roaming around Hoarfrost!

Asmodian: I'm watching the fight of like 6 elyos and 6 Asmodians! It's epic!!!

Asmodian #2: REALLY?

Asmodian: Yeah but 3 more Elyos just joined in! Now they are just boating!

Asmodian #2: Uncool.

Asmodian: Totally.
by Chaotic Cow July 05, 2010
A word used to refer to a woman's breasts, regardless of size or shape.
1. Damn she has some nice BOATS! 2. Her boats are HUGE! 3. She has little BOATS. 4. He has some womanly BOATS.
by PonyFiveO December 04, 2005
Face. Derived from the cockney rhyming slang 'Boat race' for face. If you wish to make it sound even more ridiculous, try saying it with a false Jamaican accent.

Clap across the boat- A slap in the face
Candice: Don't chat, you fool.
Shanisha: You want a clap across da boat, woman?
(pronounced boo-at)
by Whoremonger April 07, 2008
An amphibious vehicle used to transport people from one area to another via water (duh).

a boat is commonly used by rednecks to escape from the old lady and drink lots of beer. They tend to use the excuse that they are fishing, although really they are just drinking lots of beer and watching the water.

Many times a boat can also be used to transport illegal aliens from Cuba(and other Latin American countries) to the United States. Often these boats are captured, repainted, and sold to rednecks.

Loads of middle class white men want boats, but they never get them. Only the bold white trash people get them.

A very costly mistake of some people is to confuse a boat with a yacht or a ship. Only rich people can afford those, or a redneck with no house. Therefor they are not in the category of boats.

African Americans never want boats, because they cant swim.
Only rednecks and white trash have boats
by Habeeb May 05, 2006

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