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Boat shoes, A.K.A. topsiders or deck shoes, are comfortable, casual shoes usually made of leather or canvas. Their soles are usually rubber, and grip well, due to their origins as a useful shoe for boating. They are worn without socks, displaying the wearer's ankle and upper foot. They can be slipped on and off easily, and are highly popular, especially in bursts every few years. Many people find them to be very attractive, sometimes because they offer a foot-tease to those who find feet alluring.
Brandon looks so hot when he wears his boat shoes! They're well broken-in, and he can slip them off so easily when he kicks back.
by srury August 20, 2012
A type of leather shoe that native Californians use to identify out-of-towners. Almost always the out-of-towners are from the East Coast.
Bro, look at that tool wearing short shorts and boat shoes. Doesn't that East Coast douche own a pair of flip-flops?
by calibro6969 November 30, 2013
The way people with thick Italian accents say "both of you" or "both of yous."
"boatshoes need to hurry up."
by viciousOT May 15, 2010
Foot attire generally worn by individuals possessing small penises, large egos, and a trust fund courtesy of their parents. Boat shoes are usually seen being sported by yuppies and other terrible people. Boston college accounts for the majority of boat shoe sales.
"Dude do you like my new boat shoes?"

"Absolutely not, but while you're at it grab a vineyard vines shirt and go down to city side tavern"
by Apefart November 17, 2015
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