usually refers to board shorts, the garment of choice to some throughout the year. innovators of the boards are sean dwyer & mike tyrrell.
'ayo tyrrell let me cop a pair of boards.'
(subsequently, t would go to the whip and return with an assortment of three to four multicolored pairs of board shorts.)
by jsnyd September 28, 2005
1. Skateboard
2. Message board (especially an online message board)
1. He brought his board to class and left it under his chair until lunch.

2. If you're trying to practice a new language, find a board in that language.
by Anonymous June 22, 2003
bored,phased out,bored with board and lodging
He was so board he did not want to spell bored well, oh well.
by Hercolena Oliver April 28, 2008
How many girls at one time a man can call one for sexual favours. Commonly used in the phrase "Ive got board!" or in the question " Do you have board?"
Amy, Jess and Hayley are my board!
by Justin Acton September 10, 2006
If youre down to do something
im so board to go out tonihgt
by DDGREATSKUA October 22, 2006
A sinlge white male who inhabits in the same town for his whole life. He says he can drink 23 beer but he can only drink 5. His nights are spent with 8 guys drinking beer and bashing females. He lives on ICQ and does donuts in his computer chair.
His catch phrase is "Hands off my brownie!". He wear hats only on Saturdays.
Man that guy's hat is on backwards on a Saturday he is pulling a Board.
by Tristy Baby June 05, 2003

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