(also spelled bog, boge, or bogue.) To not share.
Dude, don't boag the remote control.
by Lex Luther Vandross March 22, 2004
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A person that doesn't like football
Paul: Are you coming to watch the england game with me tomorrow?
Shaun: No i'm going fishing
Paul: You boag
by gavingollum June 15, 2010

Used in situations where its more than not laughing but less than lol.

*created by gen10 and co created by cat food*
Lily: Did you hear about Jimmy's fall on the weekend?
Simon: Yeh that was a BOAG

Lisa: Liberty is a BOAG.
by sexyhotgirl101 October 15, 2012
Short for bogus. when something is total bogus it is referred to as boags
Sorry dog, my mom says i gotta get my math grade up before i can chill. Damn man, that shit is total boags.

Yo man i got shorted on that 20 sack. That shit was BOAGS!
by C. Justice Suitcoat May 31, 2010
Drink of the God: Homo Blackus Pigus.
Gimme another one of 'em Boags, this Cascade is horse piss.
by Kitch May 10, 2004
a single cigeratte, one you bummed from someone
man, i need a boag after that amazing sex

yo lemme get a boag i dont have anymore
by sedfgjjkjghjgyjhjk March 04, 2008
Synonymous with the derogatory term 'cunt', the term 'boag' is used to describe a terrible person. The origin of this term is derived from an advertising campaign for the Australian Beer 'James Boag' which poses the question "Who is James Boag?" After a night's worth of consuming this substance and enduring it's effects, one will undoubtedly reply to this question the next morning in the following way: "Who is James Boag? He's a cunt!"
Friend 1: Did you see Pete dance on, then subsequently break that table at the party?

Friend 2: Yeah, what a boag!
by TheRealCC May 17, 2012
Bit of a Giggle
someone says a joke

"haha thats a BOAG"


After telling a story

Issy: haha good one

Lily: I thought it was a BOAG
by boag101 October 15, 2012

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