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Bent over and booty smacked
Yaw dawg, I got boabs last night.
by BareBilly November 15, 2011
A shorter phrase for "Ballin on a Budget."
Man Tinky Simmy is sure BOAB today in his Value City kicks.
by Xx Bic Dalla xX May 10, 2005
a boab is a small annoying creature.
The boab would not go away
by Anonymous June 14, 2003
A word to describe the act of sexual intercourse between two consenting adults of opposite sexes.
To be used as an alternative to (and in the same context as) the words shag, fuck, do, etc.
Lee: What about the girl over there?
Chid: I'd boab her.
by ljs December 24, 2005
the american way of saying bob.
hey boab
who the fuck is boab?
you boab!
oh rite i get it you are american rite?
yeah and?
dont matter.
*/stifles a giggle/*
a southerner's term for 'boob'
get yower boab ouwtta my eyeya
by aussi May 26, 2004
A morons name not realising that there name is actually bob
hi bob
its not bob its boab
well your a boob then arnt you?
by Norton 2.0 December 09, 2004