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For bigot-obessive. Usually to describe someone who drags in a person or community's name that she hates in any discussion, written or oral. Letters are deliberately used to hark back to triggered bodily metabolism that happens from hating someone too much.
Year 1770. Somewhere in Borneo.

A: The canoe leaked.

B: I hope you told all your friends how awful that tribe is.

A (confused): Which tribe?
B: You know the one who think they are so superior to all us because their women cover up.

A: I didn't tell them.
B: Do so next time you take them down the river.

A: What?
B: How awful their women are.
A: Mind now. You aren't just bigoted or just obsessive - you are double barrelled B-O.
B: That' something very rude to say, to refer to a bodily emission when roll-ons haven't been invented yet.
A: I meant bigot-obesessive. That's what you are.

B: Okay. But tell them next time.

A: The canoe capsized and they all drownded.
by vivaeastafrica February 02, 2011
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1. Slang for a pipe's bowl full of marijuana.

2. A way to suggest smoking marijuana to another person.
"Hey Joe, you don't just ho-de bo, ya have to smo de bo."

"'Bout time for a bo."

"Ed, what's the name of the brother in Dukes of Hazzard? Oh yeah, BO!"

"Lo de bo, Flo"
by Director665 January 04, 2011
6 6
before obama.

a time where people were not striving to be a nigger
whiteness is really B.O.
by super saget June 30, 2009
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The most amazing person ever. Also known as Bo Bear; Bo is a funny, smart, handsome,kind, cuddly, caring, sexyy, and overall wonderfully wonderful guy. Without Bo i would be lost; he means the world to me and i love him with all my heart and more always and forever.
I love my Bo Bear so so so so much! More than anything ever in the entire universe!
by J.L.L February 05, 2009
20 20
A Bo is the biggest and baddest motha fucka ever. Complete bad ass. A Bo is always with the hottest girls and is a chick magnet. A Bo is a beast, period.
Oh, and he has a big dick and fucks like nobodies business.
by Swager18 September 26, 2011
5 6
' When something is just BO '
When you see Tim Maundrell BO!
by Damon Brap. January 03, 2008
1 3
Barack Obama
by BryceCoolGuy1 February 15, 2009
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