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1. (Adj.) Something good, of top quality. wicked.
2. (n.) A handsome guy. A girl's rightous lover. Should actually be spelled beau.
3. (n.) God (similar to rastafari Ja).
1. My bo hi-fi kicks ass.
2. Look at Melanie's Bo. He's ok, you know.
3. By Bo! I think she's done it!
by Brian Eakerous December 28, 2003
40 37
body odor
when u dont wear deodorant n ur armpits smell like shit
johnnys u reak man wear some deodorant uve got b.o.!
by someone December 17, 2003
144 67
Bay Area slang for Promethazine with Codeine cough syrup. Typically available by prescription in three different sizes; 4oz, 8oz, and 12oz bottles with prices ranging from $30 for a 4oz, to 200 for a 12oz. In addition, a 16oz bottle (or "Brick" if u will) can also be obtained but it only comes available in the form of a pharmacists refill bottle and and therefore this size bottle is never prescribed for medicinal use. Typical street prices for a "Brick" range from $150 to $350.
"Im tryna get my lean on... where da BO at? Bt hey I'm really tryna get a whole pint, You feel me? I aint sippin' shit unless it' poured out the brick!"
by KEEPINITFUCKINLIT! March 10, 2010
155 109
A person's natural underarm odor.
So-and-so has B.O., because he doesn't use deodorant.
by anonymous August 24, 2003
73 35
something that is really smelly (Body Odor)and no one wants to be around u
Person: I wanna date Jeremy.
Jeremy's ex-girlfriend: No way!. he has BO.
by Ket July 03, 2005
238 202
Body odor. Some times confused with crack, and crystal meth.
I went out side, SMOKED A BAG OF METH. Then i smoked some crack after that. Came back inside, and my bitch is like, "You smell funny." I'm like, "BITCH, thats just my B.O.! And if you dont like it, i'll kill your ass..."

-Unforgivable 2
by ZuumTecFTW June 21, 2007
53 34
Body Odor
Yo you fuckin stink like B.O. dude! Go douche your smelly ass you sick fuck.
by twaty February 12, 2003
66 47
Name usually associated with a southern gentleman or a gentleman caller. Derived from the french version of Beau meaning beautiful, the masculine version of Belle meaning beauty.
She is in love with her Bo.
by roadrunner76 February 04, 2010
36 20