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Originally created by some Emerson College students, and used as the sister phrase to "fag hag", as well as identifying lesbian identified men (a la Showtime's "The L Word") but has evolved into a slang term meaning any lesbian.
Why're you goin' with her to that trucker show? You're such a fuckin' bo ho, yo.
by Kathy Dougherty May 16, 2004
18 17
adj. socially unconventional, Bohemian
her thift store style is boho. (and/or) her stress on love and equality make her so boho
by breathe January 01, 2004
316 81
The best style In the world ever.
funded by sienna miller
and re-confirmed in greatness by ever other felmale celebs on the planet
typical clothes include
-cheese-cloth tops
-hippie circle skirts
-head scarfs
anything with sequins and jems

"BO-HO" is the new wave version of hippie glamour and will never go out of style again, hairstyles include
-wavy curls
-long hair
-natural look hair

music taste if you are true bo-ho will be "indie" music
-the killers
-kaiser chiefs
-bloc party
-rilo kiley
dude- Look at the bo-ho girl she looks hot
Bo-ho girl- umm Hi!
by Bo-ho indie chick July 15, 2005
14 23
a drug-addcted life
She went boho, when she started using dope.
by T.V. John January 21, 2013
17 63
A lesbian's best friend.(The opposite of "fag hag")
"The BoHo's favorite person to hang out with is his/her lesbian friend!"
by ALS52680 January 15, 2012
41 112
1) Style invented by retailers in order to peddle their old styles, and reduce design costs.

2) Style invented by cheapskates to make their thrift-store clothes "cool".

3) Word invented by cheapskates to make their "retro" clothes "in" again.

4) Idiocy, or something retarded like that.
"HAY! This ratty old shirt isn't retro, it's BOHO."
"You still suck."
by Meat Slapper June 16, 2009
131 373