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short for "bitch nigga" or a young black lady who is annoying or complains too much; can also be applied to black people in general
"Shut up, bn!"----as in "Shut up, ho!"
by jon bon jovster April 29, 2003
The abbreviated version of Bloomington-Normal, twin cities in Central Illinois. Also, the name of a tanning salon: B-N Tanning.
How are things in B-N?

Mom, can you make me an appointment at B-N Tanning for after school?
by JessiEn May 06, 2006
a nickname you give to someone who is being a bitch nigga...B.N. comes from the initials of bitch nigga
"damn Stephanie why you actin like a dumb ass B.N.?"
by stone mcgregor October 14, 2007
meaning a big nasty snake
b.n.s means if theres a snake,if its big,and nasty...oh my god its a big nasty snake
by ben long November 24, 2007
A slang term for Barnes and Noble
Yo man you wanna hit up BN on the way home?

Hell yeah I'm all about BN!
by Anon69420XXX December 01, 2010
what you call someone when they get a bloody nose during a fight and chicken out
Martin: Hey you wanna wrestle?
David: Yeah!
(5 minutes later)
David: Hey man I'm done; I got a bloody nose.
Martin: BN!!
by Jimmah-Idra April 10, 2011
Boat Nigger - an employee who crews, cleans and maintains a racing yacht.
Have the Boat Nigger wash the deck
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