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One who is completely dedicated to the passtime/sport/lifestyle of BMX. Draws bike pictures in the margine of his notes at school, only buys bike company clothing to support the industry, drills out bike parts to save weight, frequently can barely walk but still manages to ride, and the only books he knows are Ride, Ride UK, Dig, TwentyBMX, Bmx Plus, RED, and so on.
That guy rides his little bike on the empty street at 2am because it is the only place without snow. He is a hardcore bmxican.
by Ben Angle May 18, 2006
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2 who considers riding a bicycle as a lifestyle instead of transportation after your 3rd DUI

2.when you own your car and make payments on your bike

3.if you failed math but you know that the gear ratio 39-14 is almost equal to 44-16

4.if you can find southpark pennsylvania without a map
that bmxican is always wearing a cast and has crutches from the "sick" jump on the 1st straight away.
by mikey Johnson January 16, 2006
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a group of dark skinned, predominately male, bmx riders who tend to flock in public places with their backwards hats and wife-beaters. widely known for their strong new mexico-accent and lack of known fathers.
Frank: Hey did you see those kids hanging around doing nothing all day on the plaza yesterday?

Dan: Yea, those bmxicans are crazy.
by Hans Loewen August 01, 2010
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