sport often left out of public skateparks for bullshit reasons...
enforced by 26 year old pedifiles named willy
i bike now let me in willy, or ill get the cops on u 4 havin sex with that 8 year old
by casey January 03, 2004
A sport, that well taking skill and courage, is still not as extreme as motorcycle trial riding. however, all my respect and props go to BMXers
"I use to BMX, then I got a trials motorcycle, and now I do BMX 85mph"
by biker boi November 11, 2003
1. Bicycle Moto Cross
2. Hott Guys Do It, They Have Nice Asses And Bodys!
If You Would Like To Talk To Me About It Im Me On HyperLilShauwty!
That Bmx Rider Has A Nice Ass!
by ~Lizzy~ April 25, 2004
An awsome sport in which people ride bikes and kick the skateboarders asses.
I bmx and kicked a skaters ass
by Ryan March 20, 2004
many want to know what it stands for well ill tell you it stands for Bicycle Motocross Extreme
you: " I ride BMX!"
friend: "What does BMX stand for?"
you: "Bicycle motocross extreme."
#bicycle #bmx #extreme #motocross #bnx
by blackeyepistola10 July 20, 2010
the best damn sport in the world!!!!!!!!!!!
hey look at that, that bikerjust kiked that fruit botter and skateboarders ass at the same time
by nick bmx lover July 17, 2003
a form of getting rid of gay ass skateboarders or roller bifters in a skatepark/down town or anywhere at all!
BMXers are bigger than you! dont slag them
by SanJ Street August 03, 2003
the sport fruitbooters and wood pushers are afraid to try.
the faster moving of the"extreme sports"
a sport that has way more dedication than rollerblading and skateboarding put together.
bmxers also own the skater parks due to their speed and momentum....dont wanna get hit buy a biker well kill yah
"oh shit that bike just got 6 ft of air over that box jump i cant clear because im a silly wank on a plank"
"nobody accepts me cause im a 4gr0 sk8r i want to die...."
by streetisbest August 31, 2003
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