sport often left out of public skateparks for bullshit reasons...
enforced by 26 year old pedifiles named willy
i bike now let me in willy, or ill get the cops on u 4 havin sex with that 8 year old
by casey January 03, 2004
I hate how everyone is like fuck skaters and fuck this and fuck that. Well I have been riding bmx for about 3 years now and have not had any problem with skaters. They keep to their selves as I keep to myself. If things are said oh well thats life get the fuck over it. Bmx is the ultimate expression of freedom and which you can do what you please and express yourself through your own style. It is deffinately not a conformist sport we have all different races all different cliques all bound together as a family by that one thing called bmx
dtbsdfgbergvbdsfvsdafghdfqvwef ass ass bmx
by TeamUnholyBmx December 07, 2007
A skatepark sport that i might actually respect if the majority of riders didn't feel the need to talk shit about skateboarders or rollerbladers. Looks great and requires alot of skill, just like 'fruitbooting' or 'woodpushing' as many bmx riders like to call it.
skateboarder: wow thats the smoothest 540 i've ever seen

bmxer: get the fuck outta ma way woodpusher

skateboarder: Man, love the sport, hate the riders
by gfasgfkjashbfgklab April 16, 2009
An extreme sport in which the ride bikes, do bunnyhops and eat-shit a lot.
Look at the bmx section of this website, all it is is a hate blog against skaters. Look at the skateboarding section, not one insult to bmxers. Point proven?
by skate_DONT_hate March 13, 2010
The most kick ass sport out there. far harder then skateboarding and were a hell of alot tougher because u actually need upper body strangth un like skateboarding. we dominate everything thats why were not allowed in skateparks which is gay as all hell.
that BMXer just kicked that pansy skateboarders ass
by ? March 24, 2005
The best sport ever
I ride BMX and i will beat the fuck out of any bitch skater.
by ***DESTROY*** August 15, 2003
the best fucken thing ever invented besides the television.
i love bmx more that pie!!!!!!!!
by Albert April 22, 2003
The best sport in the world, 'nuff said
STREET: A great way to express yourself on that curb outside your place
DIRT: Big Jumps, big tricks, big fun
RACING: Like MX only shorter, faster, and more extreme. Ultra-light bikes getting ridden around and (especially DKs) snapping on the odd occasion you come up a bit short on that pro straight lander
I race BMX and its so fun that I broke my wrist in practice but still felt like riding
by BMX Hazza April 02, 2013
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