Bunch (of) Monkey Wankers. BMW
do u no wot BMW really stands for? its Bunch of Monkey Wankers
by That solid copper from fat sams November 13, 2004
Top Definition
a person richer than you
bmw driver, richer than you
by beamerr October 07, 2006
Self absorbed, self important assholes.

They drive like they are the only vehicles on the road, don't know how to use their indicators, don't know the meaning of the term "speed limit" or at least believe that it does not apply to them, jump the traffic lights, park on double yellow lines/on corners/in front of dropped curbs/across 2 or more parking bays etc (impulsiveness, irresponsibility, poor behavioural control). If you ever see one getting a ticket they will always been full of rage that someone has dared to slight them (grandiose sense of self worth, failure to accept responsibility for their own actions).

They also seem to think they're better than everybody else, and that the BMW is the pinnacle of human achievement. They imagine that other peoples dislike for them is due to jealousy of them and their car, and that owning said vehicle means they are richer than everyone else (grandiose sense of self worth), and is not in any way due to them exhibiting the behaviours outlined above (lack of remorse or guilt, lack of empathy).

In short, they exhibit many of the traits associated with being a narcissist or psychopath.
Some asshole BMW driver decided to double park with his hazards on on main street and held up all the traffic for 10 minutes so he could go to Starbucks.
by Slamdaddy UK July 03, 2014
A person with good taste in cars.
A BMW Driver - good taste.
by pjd. January 27, 2009
Those with cash, style and girls.
Hated on by drivers of corsas, saxos, peugeots,astras, fiestas,mondeos, micras and all the other shite on the roads.
Jealous people generalise BMW drivers as they want what they will never get HAHA unlucky!
People say 'they are all company cars' haha ur a hater!
Beeemmmmer Baaaaby!!! Woooooo!
Theres a BMW driver / wanker, wait.....I drive a Vauxhall/Ford/Peugot or some other heap of shit
by Beeeema Baaaby yeeaah June 29, 2010
Bad Motorist, Wanker! ... with little or no regard for other road users. This person can only drive in the fast lane magnetised to the rear bumper of another car. They have to overtake everything even if the maneouvre may very easily result in a multi vehicle pile up!!
"Oh look, 100yds to the services, I'll slow down from 120mph while cutting accross three lanes of heavy traffic so i can have a quick slash" or maybe a wank!!!
by Arfa Nower March 08, 2005
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