BmB is an acronym for 'Blunts Make you Better'. BmB is a gaming community for people that play games such as Halo, Call of Duty, and various other games... They have a few divisions, one of them being BmB King Klick, and another being BmB Smoking Angels which is their all-female division. More about on
Hydropoo42: Dude, that BmB Dubl O Duce kid was bomb good. We tried to triple team him and he took us all out!!!

Yummygum65: Yeah, he actually sent me a game invite and said I was good enough to join BmB... sorry, bye!
by Cassandra Q - Miss Duce 422 June 26, 2009
bebo me back. when a person leaves you a comment on bebo and wants you to write back.
Heya bbz!! wats up?! ur bebo looks really cool! ttyl bmb xxx
by Lozzy June 07, 2006
Big Mouth Bitches
For bitches that talk too much shit...or open their mouth when they dont suppose to.. (B.M.B)
by ECG. June 06, 2009
bmb = bite me bitch
Also commonly said as bite be biatch in some text languages.
"i hope you drop dead"
by Simzy August 03, 2012

The act of willfully or inadvertently breaking someone's balls. Act can be literal or metaphorical. Acronym often times used in the work-place so that your co-workers or boss don't know what you are saying mainly in the form of office communicator.
Co-worker: Hey, I just got the promotion over you because I told them you are stealing. Oh yea, they fired you too.

You: Dude, you're BMB
by Dlite June 27, 2010
Bye My Bitch
Pajmon - stop bothering me
Nina - BMB
by italianrussian August 28, 2010
Big Montana Beaver
What's for dinner? I'm so hungry I could eat a BMB!
by K Mac D January 06, 2012
Be my bae
Yo, I really like you, bmb
by naybit March 11, 2014

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