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1. a word to that is thrown around to fill silence or to express a lack of words

2. a misspelling of buzz

3. sorta like the sound jetpacks make in Halo

4. the name of an unsigned blues band

5. the name of a bar in Calcutta

6. an Italian media company

7. a stand in for swearing
example 1: person: bluzz...

example 2: person texting: I was sitting in a meeting and all of a sudden I heard "bluzz, buzz"

example 3: halo jetpack: bluzz

example 4: person: I went to the bluzz concert last night.

example 5: person: I was in Calcutta, and the closest bar to my hotel was bluzz

example 6: person: i moved to Italy to work for bluzz media.

example 7: person on a kill streak that lagged out: BLUZZ!!! STUPID LAG!! BLUZZ!!!
by Femignis April 01, 2013
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