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Josh is the clumsiest blunderfuck I've ever met.
by Waylon Rowley September 14, 2004
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(n), (v) blunderfuck

definition: a localized or personalized experience of a series of blunders and missteps made by others but with negative effects only resulting in a hassle for the individual quagmired in said "blunderfuck"

root: a slang derivative of "clusterfuck". a CF is much akin to the Army acronym FUBAR (Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition) in that both describe a chaotic situation or scene for all involved. "blunderfuck" is more a personal experience of chaotic awfulness in successive waves of instances; others may not be experiencing your blunderfucked moment.
First the kid got sick on the plane; then the airport lost our luggage which meant we couldn't change our child's soiled clothes. The car rental kiosk employee was less than appreciative of the stench of moist wet-naps and vomit that exuded from our child. Consequently we were given the worst car on the lot for driving in NYC, a beat up Dodge mini-van. AM/FM radio, tape player, no air conditioning, but at least the open windows reduced the stench. Though we weren't dressed for the occasion, we almost made it in time for your wedding. After a long wait at the tunnel, we finally reached downtown and somehow got steered into the processional of flag-waving vehicles in the Puerto Rican Pride Day Parade, leaving us well and truly blunderfucked.
by apocalypse_popsicle September 27, 2012
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Realizing fucking someone is a bad mistake.
Dude I blunderfucked Chun's mom last night and it was not good.
by ura pig January 07, 2011
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