bounce + love + hump = blump
Man, last night my friend and her cats blumped for hours on end.
by carolinizzle June 11, 2005
Top Definition
Getting a blow job while taking a dump
by Anonymous August 12, 2003
recieving a blow job, while taking a dump.
My bitch gave me a blump last night. It was good.
by baggs November 24, 2004
The fat spouse of a physically fit person.
Wow! I just finished with my workout. I wish my blump of a husband would workout, too.
#fat ass #fatty #blump #fatso #not skinny
by karlota August 06, 2014
Blumps is pink eye from giving a blumpkin, or just blum
I've got the blumps!
#pinkeye #blumpkin #head #blowjob #pink
by mathclass08-09 November 19, 2008
When to objects bump and float away like a blimp.
Can also be used to insinuate adultery.
1) "oh my god, he's totally blumping her"
3) The two balloons blumped and then floated upwards. yay.
#strumps #bump and float #bump and bounce #bump and jiggle #bump #but with an l
by your daddeh January 04, 2011
The sound a black mans penis makes when it hits a womens head
I blapped her and you could hear that Blump in the next room!
#blap #penis #black #head #blow
by Flumo November 19, 2010
The sound a black man's penis makes when it hits against woman's face.
She gave me attitude so i blumped her and she was mine for the day.

Blump, blap
#penis #face #black man #blow job #bitch
by theblapster November 19, 2010
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