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A delectable treat that one usually desires when they are baked.
Have that bitch make me some blueberry pancakes.
by Nathaniel Emdee August 12, 2006
A vagina with three fists in it at one time.
How was ur orgy the other day? Pretty great! at one point, Becky got a Blueberry Pancake!
by alwaysfresca May 28, 2011
You havnt had sex in awhile so you have blue balls. You are so desperate it will often result in sex with an ugly heavier girl.
"Man I had blueberry pancake this weekend, I'm not proud but I did.
by peanut butter 105 September 16, 2015
This will hurt somebody's feelings. You will laugh, they will cry.
if you REALLY REALLY don't like somebody, call them a BLUEBERRY PANCAKE.
but if you just don't like them, call them a pancake.
Shut up you Blueberry Pancake! I HATE you!
by Tori^Brittany October 27, 2007
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