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To act completely insane and psychologically unstable! To lose all sense and stalk someone both on and offline.

Alternate form: BA
1) Man, after she was called out for being a loser, she went all blueangel.

Alt. form: Wow, I had no idea she would go all BA and stalk him!
by Catie Miller January 14, 2008
The act of igniting one's flatulence; usually achieved by holding a lighter near the anus while passing gas. The term comes from the bluish-colored flame often resulting from methane combustion. (Note that this activity can be dangerous, and has been known to severly burn the anus and even entrails of careless practitoners.)
I have always enjoyed doing blue angels, but decided to discontinue the activity the day that a flame singed my lower intestines.
by Ocram April 27, 2003
An angel or guardian against cyber bullies.

Alternate form: BA
She's a blueangel for standing up to those snark sharks.
by tippiechick November 06, 2011
A outlaw motorcycle club which started up in Glasgow, Scotland.
is there any hells angels in scotland?
Nah but there is blue angels
by wilsi10 January 24, 2012
When a row of cars on the highway go the same speed, in turn, blocking anyone from passing them. This resembles the Blue Angels who fly in tight formations at the same speed during air shows. Usually the result of drivers that feel more comfortable with cars on both sides of them.
I was on I-5 today and couldn't go faster than 60 mph thanks to the Blue Angels taking up every lane.
by Gr1m R34p3r November 17, 2009
A kick ass American demo team for airshows, regraded by most Americans as the best demo team in the world, when it is pwnd by the all-Canadian Snowbirds! Comprised of 6 U.S.N. F/A-18 fighters, the Blue Angels are a very good team.
I went to an airshow, the Blue Angels came on after the Snowbirds, I just stood there because it wasn't that good compared to the Snowbirds.
by Minority September 22, 2006
The act of igniting bowel movement.
Dumbass #1 - lets make a blue angel
Dumbass #2 - okay, here i go!!
Dumbass #1 - *lights lighter by friend's ass*
Dumbass #2 - *farts onto lighter*

Dumbass #1 is dead and dumbass #2 just lost a perfectly good pair of pants.. what a shame.
by james + sean July 05, 2007
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