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Plural for "blue" meaning Lortab from the bluish color of generic Hydrocodone tablets, as of those manufactured by Watson.
Do you have/can you get any blues? - refering to hydrocodone tablets.
by flosspointms July 22, 2008
28 54
another word for spare change
ive got some blue in my pocket
by sarah April 20, 2004
3 32
1- To be disrespectful or rude to someone or something. A disrepectful or rude manner. To be mean.
Bob: "Jim, you look like a fuckin idiot today!"
Jim: "Ohhh, what a blues guy."
by Stella Love May 12, 2005
12 45
The greatest football (or soccer to yank wanks) team in the universe. Also known as Birmingham City FC.

See also bluenose & bluesfukingawesome
Keep right on to the end of the road
by gray October 29, 2004
21 66
Niggers with trumpets
Look, a fucking blues brother man
by chris jacklin November 24, 2006
36 158