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Shaved head, goatee, tattoo, piercing - or some combination thereof. An urban trend ironically called edgy. Might have been edgy in the late 90s, now it's just a tired, ubiquitous trend. Also so: propped-up & revolving baseball caps. Also see: white men trying to look like Latino prisoners because being white is seen as less masculine these days.
Wait, is that Ben? When did he turn into a blue-collar Mexican?
When Latinos came in style, he died his hair black and got a tattoo to appeal to them. Thinks Blue Collar Chic makes him more masculine and less white.

Oh. Has be bought a pick-up truck yet?
by BullWinkle February 05, 2014
Wearing traditionally blue-collar utility clothing as a trendy fashion statement, usually by young indie hipsters in urban areas.
"Did you see that skinny dude with the bad tats and the trucker hat? He's so blue-collar chic."
"Where'd you get those awesome 'Dickies'?" "Urban Outfitters."
by tof September 04, 2004
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