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A condition that occurs due to unfininished sexting similar to the 'blue balls' phenomenon.
I got blue thumbs after losing service in the middle of a sexting session.
by airumair February 22, 2011
Someone who is technologically savvy.
Derived from IBM's nickname "Big Blue".
Evan fixed my computer because he has a blue thumb.
Greg doesn't have a blue thumb because he can't even log onto the internet.
by Hollywood Nick April 11, 2006
Someone who is very good at technological endeavors. You might call them to fix your computer, or program your website, or make your car electric.
That girl is not only a race car driver, she's also got a blue thumb.
by kdlady123 September 14, 2009
the feeling of disappointment a guy feels when a girl claims to be a gamer to get attention from him, but then leaves him hanging when the time comes to actually play something. like blue balls, but with gaming instead of sex.
Jenny said she likes to play video games, but every time i suggest we kick on the xbox she runs off and leaves me with a major case of blue thumb.
by Greywall August 26, 2014

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