Blue Suede Sue’s is the longest running nightclub establishment in Mississauga. It has been in business for over 19 years. It truly is one of Mississauga’s best kept secrets.

Blue Suede Sue’s - Mississauga's Hottest Nightclub started off as a 50’s and 60’s diner and nightclub in 1989 and over the years it’s become increasingly popular. Known for it’s truly one of a kind décor, its exciting and fun ambiance, it is no surprise that it’s now become the most famous nightclub and hotspot in Mississauga.

The epitome of original, and unique Blue Suede Sue’ caters to the mature crowd, It has been the headline of many local newspaper and magazine articles as they boast the fact that it has become a landmark in Mississauga due to is ever increasing popularity, and not to mention well known for its contribution to local charities and fund raising events.

Truly a masterpiece of design created by Wesley D’angelo; Blue Suede Sue’s has a very original look, using decor and memorabilia from the 50s, 60s, 70s, the Hot exotic feel of Hawaii, the Caribbean and South Beach, and the Charm, class and sophistication from any of the worlds most upper-class martini and champagne bars. A walk through the nightclub and you will find indoor lighted palm trees, life size statues of Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, Liberachi, A Hawaiian themed bar, with a sandy beach bar-top, a piano shaped dance floor complete with keys that light up, a VIP area with a piano shaped bar made of mirror and glass, black and white tiled floors and walls and the talk of the town – our surf board tables with mannequin legs; But Wait, that’s just the beginning. We’ve only just walked in, There is still another dance floor in the shape of a whirlpool, there is ocean waves as walls, sandy beach as another floor and an array of outrageous decorations such as chandeliers, lights made of Tires, a vintage bathtub, walls made up of old hubcaps, Victorian leather sofa’s and the list goes on and on, a walkway of mannequins, surfers riding their boards from the ceilings, and not one but two planes, and yes they are indoors. This truly is the place that people from around the city, province, and even the country flock too as their number one choice for nightly entertainment.
I love Blue Suede Sue's - Mississauga's Hottest Nightclub that is open every Friday, Saturday, Long Weekend Sunday and for Special Events.
by bluesuedesues February 12, 2008
Top Definition
A cougar bar located in Mississauga Ontario, where young men are subjected to being hunted by older women. Also reffered to as a DEN for cougars.
"dude i got hunted by the cougs last night at blue suede sues."
by Niko February 13, 2005
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