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Water shortages in the third-world caused alarming concerns in the last ten years and the WWC (World Water Council) predicts that there'll be 1.5 bil. without access to clean drinking water by the year 2015.
The hook is, this multi-stakeholder world authority is helping these water-poor 3rd World countries to build 'water-banking' structures (water dams, reservoirs...), to collect rain water in the short-timed winters, to be used later for drinking and sanitory purposes.
Water is now the 'blue' gold!
Blue revolution is a take on the 60s' 'green revolution'. The difference between the two revolutions is that, this new one is going to be the cause for WWIII as politicians expect world-wide 'water wars' to take place when there'll not be one drop of water left in this world. Wait and see, it's happening faster than what you might think!
by hammer---;, hytham April 15, 2007
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When someone takes a piss and then shits while being sucked off.
Only sick people like to be BlueRevolutioned over the weekend.
by Jimmy Legs March 01, 2008

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