The act of diming out your friends or leaving them out of something they would have want to be involved in. Otherwise know as a sell out or in the military a "Buddy Fucker".
Jason Berry "Blue Falconed" me for lunch today!!
by ilbbc January 25, 2010
1. "Blue Falcon" is military slang term that was originated in the US Marine Corps. The term was created as a code for a buddy fucker. A "Buddy Fucker" denotes a Marine as un-trustworthy. The assumption being that this is the kind of soldier that would put his own needs ahead of the needs of his platoon or brother in arms.

2. Since the repeal of "Don't ask Don't tell" it has also come to be used to refer to homosexual Marines who show an overt interest in getting naked in a foxhole with a straight or seemingly straight soldier.

3. Noun. referring to the "engorged genitalia" of a male homosexual soldier that will not be satisfied until it plunders the booty of a straight Marine - or a Marine that thinks he straight but has trip everyone else's BFT. Just think of Blue Balls, now you have a Blue Falcon to go along with it.
1. "I hear the weekend pass has been revoked because Pvt. James feel asleep at his post" - "Great having a blue falcon in the platoon"

2. "I don't like having Pvt. Sessions behind me on patrols - always get the feeling that that blue falcon is going to pull a Dexter, get me in the neck with a syringe and push my shit in."

3. "I was in the showers with Pvt. Kennedy - he was scrubbing on his blue falcon - I decided leave my soap and make a run for it."
by Elia Gottenn September 11, 2012
A military Definition for a "Buddy Fucker". Also known as "The Air Guy" or "bones" It is comon knowledge in afghanistan that the "Air Guy" is the Blue Falcon. And Runs Falcon Air
This is a comon statement from the Blue Falcon: " I can totally get you a flight today, maybe..its probably likely though..kinda
by TheGuyYouSendToKAF July 29, 2009
A Marine or other service member that thinks of himself above all other in his unit. Blue Falcon is an acronym for Buddy Fucker. Usually a Blue Falcon is the guy in a unit no one likes.
D Walker is a Blue Falcon.
by anonymous November 17, 2004
A Blue Falcon is a police officer who goes and squeals the first chance he/she gets when he/she witnesses another officer doing what he/she thinks is to be wrong or against his/her own character. The Blue Falcon cannot be trusted and you have to watch yourself around him/her because he/she will stab you in the back the first chance they get. They will never confront you with an issue up front and will always go behind your back.
Officer Chuck gave the perp some flashlight therapy when the perp spit in his face. Officer Blue Falcon ran to the watch commander the first chance he got and squealed like a pig instead of first taking the issue up with Officer Chuck.
by Jherald May 14, 2008
Someone who screws their coworkers at P&G
That process leader is a real Blue Falcon. He gives me all the shitty jobs and just stands around and kisses ass!
by Rocko1 May 16, 2009
Generally a word used in the military. In the military alphabet B=Bravo, F=Falcon. Buddy Fucker is the original phrase, Blue Falcon is more politically correct.
" I had plans to go to the coast for vacation with Randy, he asked me like 4 different times and I'm in school." " I finally got approval with my teachers and my job, and at the last minute, he said he couldn't make it." "Randy Blue Falconed me big time!"
by kanas sucks March 05, 2010

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