good ecstacy pills, real ones are from the caribbean. MDMA is a form of meth, the MA stands for methamphetamine. despite popular belief, there is no such thing as 'based' ecstacy. my first pills were supposedly heroin based(blue stars), then i scored an acid based orange nike. none of that shit is true, good luck finding LSD period! ecstacy is a psychedelic methball. you don't trip on e, you roll.
I scored some blue dolphins last night and rolled balls!!
#x #e #ecstacy #pill #mdma
by pt g March 19, 2006
Top Definition
one of the best x pills out there.
man i jus rolled 12 hours off that fire blue dolphin
by jig January 02, 2005
one of the most popular ex pills out there,because rappers normally talk about blue dolphins
i got some blue dolphins last night and rolled until 6 in the morning
#jig #jiggalate #ex #x #xtc
by Camo Fa~Sho July 12, 2006
very common ecstasy tablet, known for being clean and strong
yo these are some sweet lookin e,
ye man they make u trip,
im gettin these triple stacked blue dolphins next time fer sure.
#xtc #ecstasy #dolphin #mdma #rave
by QannabisKing March 09, 2009
MDMA, also known as Ecstasy or X.
Little Johnny swam with the blue dolphins and was then compelled by evil demons within his flesh to have intimate relations with Little Jerry.
by Ultra-Peepi August 05, 2005
Another term for a glass of water ordered at a bar.
May I have a Blue Dolphin please?
#water #glass #drink #bar #slut
by Blue Dolphin October 03, 2007
When you use ice to numb your girls ass after she gave you the dolphin when trying for anal sex.
Last night my girl gave me the dolphin when I tried to put it in her butt so I grabbed some ice and gave her the blue dolphin
#dolphin #anal #sex #buttsex #butt
by Ice Fisher January 09, 2014
1.) its not methamphetamine, it stands for METHYLamphetamine, not similar at all to meth.

2.) there has never been any coke or heroin in any x that has been found, including blue dolphins

3.)there are several different types of blue dolphins, some good, some ripoffs.
There are lots of different kinds of blue dolphins out there, but none of them are laced with coke, lots of misinformation out there.
#blue dolphins #xtc #ecstasy #x #grippers
by ufos8mycow January 16, 2007
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