the elite, wealthy,aristocratic.
comes from when the aristocrats used iron cutlery to eat, the exposure to bad quality iron eventually made their blood blue.
normaly refers to english.
rich and blue blooded are differnt

#wealthy #powerful #blue blood #aristocrat #money
by iamnotpete January 15, 2006
(law enforcement) is a person who comes from a family in law enforcement and continues in the "family trade". Blue being a reference to "The Thin Blue Line"
Dave can't help it if his career is moving so fast, he's got blue blood.
#cop #pig #5-o #police #popo
by jitterz November 24, 2010
A native of the state of Ohio that is a fan of the University of Michigan's football program.

The "blue" part of the word stems from the fact that U of M's school colors are maize and blue. Also, its fans will cheer, "Go Blue" to show support for their team. The "blood" part is meant to define the emotion of passion that all people have to some extent. As a compound word its intent is to imply that a blueblood's passions are somehow tainted and/or inappropriate. Transversely, Ohio State's school colors are scarlett and gray. As most Ohioans that watch collegiate football are supporters of the Ohio State Buckeyes, and as Michigan is Ohio State's archrival, the term is intended to express a negative, ostrasizing connotation.
" We don't want you bluebloods here anyway! We don't give a damn for the whole state of Michigan!"
#michigan #bo schembechler #rivalry #woody hayes #blue-blood #blue blood
by Buckeye_or_die August 30, 2009
Slang term for a wealthy retiree in the New England area. Usually Republican, and almost always fancy themselves salt-of-the-earth folks no matter how transparent a ruse it may be. Almost always used in a derisive fashion.
It seems like New Hampshire gets more and more bluebloods moving in every single year.
#new england #retiree #shallow #conceited #virus
by CRUSH POSER GAY June 03, 2010
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