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A terrible feeling, usually happening in striptease bars, beaches or other places like that. When you (a male) are really horny and arosed from watching a naked/half-naked woman, but are unable to do what you gotta do (ejaculate) by having sex or masturbating.
This is NOT A VERY NICE feeling, and is better avoided.
I always think about those poor guys who have to photograph porn/striptease movies. They probably are always experiencing blueball. Having to watch sex but being unable to participate in some way is a nightmare.
by Urban_Fellow July 20, 2006
80 57
A condition in a guy when a he is turned on but can't get off.
Great now i'm gonna have blue balls for a week.
by Kitten494 October 12, 2008
37 15
The single greatest and most used excuse by males to ensure that females or males finish the job.
Baby if you stop now I will get blue balls.
by madfelixxx December 13, 2007
88 68
A term made up by men/boys with the intention of guilt-tripping women/girls into giving them an orgasm. No, this is not a medical condition. Yes, it can be uncomfortable and yes they will survive if they dont orgasm. Guys, women can feel the same thing if you bring them to the brink and then dont let them climax. Just because we dont have penises doesnt mean we cant get a form of "blue balls'.
"Oh baby, you have to finish me off or I'll get blue balls!"
by Luna214 August 16, 2007
156 138
when you are partially through some type of sexual act and your girl cant finish the job. or if you just had a dry hump and u were able to hold in jizzing your pants.
i had the worst case of blue balls last night cause my girl was blowing me last , but got tired and couldn't finish the job.
by kingpin March 29, 2003
44 30
A feeling a man gets when he gets extremely turned on- yet does not do anything to solve the problem. So when the erection goes down- the balls start to swell and pain starts to occur. The pain has been compared to the "Being Sacked" sensation.. Or basically getting hit in the Family Jewels.

You just get a TON of soldiers ready for battle with no cammand to foward- you know?
After 8 hours of long interesting foreplay, my girlfriend had to leave. So with no sex, all i have now are 2 giant blue balls!
by KingMuffin July 07, 2009
20 7
When your girl gets you all worked up but doesnt fisish you off. Makes your balls hurt untill you make yourself (or pay a ho) cream.
Me and my girl were hard at it last night till that bitch blue balled me. But i needed a bicep workout anyway.
by Just another horny teenager March 11, 2009
51 39