Deep-voiced, masculine, sexy member of the male sex. Always with blue eyes.
"Did you see the new car Blue was driving the other day"? "He looked awesome"!
by Journey Rocker September 21, 2006
English: The flavor of those blue icees at the 7-11
Did you taste Mark's new Blue Pie?
by MCL January 23, 2005
a short way of saying you have blue balls
man i have a bad case of the blues
by fertupapa April 07, 2008
n - a goddess in the Southern Maine region. Blue is not cocky about her godly powers, and appears to be an innocent girl, however, her and her seemingly normal clothing, hair, piercings, and other appearances all seem to glow with a white aura, making her to be the most beautiful thing in existance.

vb - to obsess over someone so much that they would never consider loving you
I'm blueing over Blue.
by Kennedy Danzig December 10, 2004
The BEST fucking super 14 team out there. Notable current players include captain Troy Flavell, the HERO Isa Nacewa, Luke McAlister, Joe Rokocoko, John Afoa, Sam Tuitupou... Notable former players include Jonah Lomu, King Carlos Spencer, Zinzan Brooke, etc. They were one of the bestest teams though in true Kiwi fashion they had a few missteps. But don't worry kids, this year the Blues will kick all your arses. Now that the Crusaders are taken care of....
The Blues are from Auckland. They are the BEST.
by some gal from down under February 28, 2007
the color your face turns after being beaten by disgrunteled NRA members.
Those crazies beat me blue.
by alai-nuh October 11, 2003
A very sweet drink that some people enjoy
Don't make me spill my blue
by cpmte January 15, 2005

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