UK slang, gang related / region specific:

Endeering term used for friends with business links, particularly in a few specific areas such as Streatham (blue town), Tottenham, and Cambridge. Used in place of "blud". Can get you in trouble around Woolwich and Hackney
"wassup blue, you got work?"
"yes blue, there's at least 5 for you to work, more if you can get some p's"
by Top Shottz May 06, 2008
A female who is a rude bitch.
She will make herself beautiful, but only to stab your heart in the end of things.
Blue can be cute, but that's only when her audience is looking.
Oh man, she's such a blue.
by YouThanStronger June 08, 2016
Blues describes both a musical genre as well as the emotional state that produces it. Usually related to heartbreak, death, loss, being broke & generally treated like shit is the the blues.
Man I got the blues today and can't seem to shake them. Albert King said "if you don't dig the Blues then you got a hole in your soul".
by saharadryhumor March 14, 2015
A Canadian 5-Dollar Bill.
Can you give me change instead of a Blue?

You owe me 3 Blues.
by Floru January 08, 2011
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