Xanax,blue footballs, drugs
yo, you know where i can get any blue footballs
by nigger lover October 31, 2004
A blonde skater who goes through girls like a pimp. He has a bad haircut and will flirt with you endlessly until you go out, then he will flirt with you friends. He will break up with you by getting someone to call you.
Holy crud I hate that friggin Blue who is so jerkish that cant even break up with a girl in person.
by Savannah C. January 18, 2009
A code word that short hyper nyc teenagers use when an attractive, usually older, man is sited.
Girl 1 - "Lisa! Blue!"
Girl 2 - "Where? :turns: Hehe, yes!"

Girl 1 - "..Blue."
Girl 2 - :looks: :nods:
by Letters_In_Makeup April 11, 2007
a step above jlevs: to not even attempt to get the booty, as in being platonic friends
Peter had a girl in his room the whole night and just talked to her. He blue it!!
by ancient prophet luigi December 05, 2004

1. depression, melancholy

2. a style of jazz music
If you have the blues, eat a square of chocolate.
by The Return of Light Joker September 24, 2008
Japanese name for protoman.
"Blues just has to be the most awesome swordsman ever!"
by J.D. January 18, 2005
pl. noun: the flashing lights/strobes on a police cruiser.
as soon as I drove by, the 5-0 turnt his blues on.
by kahda September 14, 2004
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