The BEST fucking super 14 team out there. Notable current players include captain Troy Flavell, the HERO Isa Nacewa, Luke McAlister, Joe Rokocoko, John Afoa, Sam Tuitupou... Notable former players include Jonah Lomu, King Carlos Spencer, Zinzan Brooke, etc. They were one of the bestest teams though in true Kiwi fashion they had a few missteps. But don't worry kids, this year the Blues will kick all your arses. Now that the Crusaders are taken care of....
The Blues are from Auckland. They are the BEST.
by some gal from down under February 28, 2007
the color your face turns after being beaten by disgrunteled NRA members.
Those crazies beat me blue.
by alai-nuh October 11, 2003
A very sweet drink that some people enjoy
Don't make me spill my blue
by cpmte January 15, 2005
The best color in the world. If everything were blue, the world would probably be a better place, even though it be under the dominion of an immortal wizard.
Ice Mages like the color blue a LOT.
by Mike Cooke January 31, 2004
A color

Blue Sky

Cool clean water

sky blue carpeting

ice crystals

Midnight blue

Blue roses

Neon blue
Blue is my favorite, my phone has a neon blue light that lights up my room like a bar.
by Saints September 27, 2003
he was having a blue with his wife
by VAKI5 August 17, 2003
The color of masturbation.

Everytime you turn on talk sex with Sue Johannson she is ALWAYS waving around a blue dildo. Many items that have to do with masturbation are one of the few sexual colors, blue (like 95% of dildos) or pink (like the fuzzy handcuffs)
Ariana: I was waching talk sex with sue a few days ago!
Carlee: I love her!
Ariana: She natrually was waving around a blue dildo talking about clitoral stimulation...
Carlee: hahaha sound like Sue
Carlee Watkins: Blue is the color of masturbation, DUH!
by 4|\|P.3\/\/ April 09, 2008
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