Material, used by a stand-up comedian, that is considered crude or obscene
Bill Cosby does not use "blue" material.
George Carlin uses a whole fucking lot of "blue" material
by Jesus Kong October 20, 2005
Blue is one of the three primary colours and is the colour of the clear sky and the deep sea on Earth. Blue is located between violet and green on the spectrum
Person 1: What's your favourite color?
Person 2: Blue
Person 1: Mine too!
by sensfan March 10, 2013
a slang word for oxycodone 30 mg or a roxicodone 30 mg
me and my best friend bought some blues over the weekend and got higher than we have ever been before
by DJ561 August 19, 2008
Nickname given to Joesph Palasky in the movie old school. Blue is played by actor Patrick Cranshaw (1919 -2006) who in the movie dies of a imminent heart attack from overexcitement just before he was to wrestle two topless girls.
-Will Ferrell Old School
by dinizo017 February 18, 2010
Australian slang for a fight, particularly one undertaken while under the influence of alcohol. Generally refers to a brief and purely physical altercation, without the involvement of weaponry or police intervention.
We all went to the pub last night and got into a good blue, no harm done.
by jendayi August 07, 2009
Are the feelings that live inside me...
I'm blue da ba dee da ba di
by Bait Materson March 21, 2009
'blues' were originally known to intravenous drug users as azure-colored instant-release 10 mg oxymorphone, manufactured by ENDO. These were rightly considered the holy grail of pharmaceutical opiates before being discontinued due to problems with black market diversion and robberies. Many users ranked them more euphoric than heroin. They are cited in many works of fiction, notably Drugstore Cowboy.
It's so beautiful how these blues commingle with blood in the syringe.
by natenatenatenate December 13, 2008
The color of a guys balls when they don't screw something
"Yup, he's rolling around, he's got blue balls"
by Katie123456 March 29, 2008
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