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Just like it sounds, a traditional navy blue New York Yankees hat thats fitted, i.e. not adjustable.
I rocka blue yankee fitted; 7 1/4
by D $ February 14, 2005
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What people in New York wear that you can never go wrong with. As if it matches with anything no matter what colors.
As ridiculous as it sounds its true and you can see it almost everywhere around the city. So ridiculous that you start believing in it too.
The Original Yankee Fitted is Superior and apparently Magical
Blue Yankee Fitted, White tee ,and Timberlands looks nice why? because of the Fitted
by EssInDaBX March 22, 2010
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whats niggas be wearing if they from new york... if u from nyc u need to rock this... cuz aint none of them homo hipsters in williamsburg gonna be rocking this... gotta show them who the real new yawkers are, you dig?
i got that blue yankee fitted on them faggot hipsters got on them berets
by joey cracccccck October 15, 2006
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Recieving oral pleasure from a female, can be said or demonstrated by tipping a baseball cap and pointing to the female whom is to perform the duty

see getting capped off
"I'm not leaving this hoe house without gettin me some blue yankee fitted."
by Willy B January 02, 2005
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