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In the NYC gay scene (no doubt elsewhere, as well) of the 1960-70s a "blue oyster" was the head of a very aroused penis, especially one that had been teased in various ways without orgasm for a long time. The glans takes on a cyanotic blue cast, probably do to the prolonged erection.
My girlfriend sure loves to eat blue oysters in cream-sauce.
by disturbus July 10, 2008
34 22
gay, fag, poof, batty boy, homosexual, ass bandit
Named after the gay club in police academy. "That BlueOyster shagged my brother"
by Fun_B April 29, 2003
31 21
a dank strain of marijuana.
Dude, I got so baked off that blue oyster.
by stoned. August 01, 2011
12 8