Blue Falcon
(noun) (Pejorative)
1. One who does not help his/her fellow soldier, and or one who intentionally gets another soldier in trouble. 2a person who has put other friends family soldiers and or country in harm's way or a potential negative result situation.
synonym: "buddy fucker," "Bravo Foxtrot" is also used and has the same meaning.
This phrase is a fine example of a Minced Oath an expression that is spoken that resembles a profanity and has subsequently removed the untoward harshness of the original expression.
Mike didn't get selected for a promotion so instead of aspiring to do better and work harder to get the position he tried to humiliate his boss Gene, who was his friend at the time, in public to Genes Bosses so that Gene would get fired and be replaced by someone more friendly to Mike.
Mike is a True Blue Falcon.

Some other examples of a minced oath TV show Battlestar Galactica uses the work frack instead of fuck.

Have you ever wondered why so many phrases of surprise start with a G? e.g. Minced Oath
old phrases:
Cheese 'n' crackers got all muddy (Jesus Christ, God All mighty)
Good grief = Good God
Gosh darned = God damned
Golly = God
Great Googly Moogly = Good God and Mother

by No Klue April 06, 2007
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A socially acceptable reference to the acronym 'bf', also known as 'buddy fuck'; referring to an action that leads to 'fucking over' your 'buddy'. Common in military parlance. See also bf
Our LT-CMD took point, led us through a mine field and almost blue falconed the entire platoon.
by Sidmystic July 17, 2003
Blue Falcons - Is a group of people (labled a Blue Falcon) that are serving and former soldiers that have been issued an official Blue Falcon coin, which earns them a membership in the Blue Falcons Organization, founded in 1992 by former U.S. Army Sergeant D.R. DeBos.

Blue Falcons - Blue Falcons Organization aka; is NOT associated with the U.S. Government, State and/or local agencies. is a sole entity and is a private organization for novelty purposes ONLY for Army "Battle Buddies" to keep intouch for durning and after their military service.
Drill Sergeant Franko is giving PFC Smith a membership to the Blue Falcons for his performance today at the M-16 Range, he shot 2 out of 40!
by SGT Osiris September 20, 2009
Term originating from the military meaning a "buddy fucker". Someone who is a fuckoff and drags their buddies into shit with them.
Private Pyle got caught with a jelly donut in his footlocker and his platoon got smoked because of it. Pyle is a Blue Falcon.
by Infidel Partisan January 17, 2005
Generally a military term, used to describe "that guy" who always gets everyone into trouble. The meaning of the term is "Buddy Fucker".
"Why is Blue Falcon always fucking up? God-damnit, let's give him a blanket party."
by greenrod March 30, 2006
1. Military codename for a "Buddy Fucker", or "one who screws his or her buddies over".

1a. A person who weasels his or her way out of his duty, having his buddies pick up the slack for him.

1b. Someone who lets his or her buddies do all the work, while he or she sits on his ass.

1c. PVT. Timothy Patterson, and PV2. Carl McCall Jr.
"McCall is a fuckin' blue falcon...he is in sick call AGAIN today, and I have to carry his shit for the road march."

"Patterson bought a whole bunch of skittles and told the Drill Sargeant that it was us....BLUE FALCON!"
by Jack Sorrows September 24, 2007
Military synonym or code word for "Buddy Fucker". The guy who gets everyone else into trouble, sells out all his friends to higher ups, gets out of his duty, or gets away scotch free as all his friends get blamed. Military police are usually referred as Blue Falcons by other military occupational specialties.
Smith is such a god damn blue falcon for telling the platoon sergeant that I didn't show up for final formation.
by MarineMP May 21, 2008
Military speak for Buddy fucker.
Major Cooke who volunteered for active-duty in Afghanistan after the election of President Obama, only to pull out last minute leaving some poor soldier to deploy at the 11th hour or leaving his unit an officer short is the ultimate Blue Falcon.

Leavenworth is too good for him.
by lonemoderate July 27, 2009
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