1. The part of the shirt that covers some of the neck, may be used to hold a tie in place, and is most often a shade of blue.

2. Working Class, which can be poor or even lower-upper class as the need for high-tech engineers rise, and is still very hazardous, strenuous, and important as any construction, factory, or free lancing labor.

3. An individual who maintains a middle-ish class job that is not a desk job, or a conventional artistic work. A redneck is not to be confused with blue collars as some red necks have no job, or simple work to survive by chopping wood, handyman service, and odds n ends jobs like ruffing and most any job where you'll get a sunburn, since originally rednecks were Irish workers, since we(yes i am one too) do not tan, only get a red neck etc, etc, yadda, yadda
Larry is a cable guy, Jeff is a comedian, both wear blue collars, thus they are Bluecollar and not Redcoats...

When I went to the union meeting with Jeb I realized I shouldn't have worn my green flannel shirt as everyone else wore their blue flannel.
by chazzy t June 19, 2007
1. Generally refers to uneducated laborers who work menial factory jobs for a set wage. Also refers to union workers who generally give up all aspects of personal accountability for the security of union tenure.

2. Blue collar is now synonymous with union drone. He will do what the union tells him to do, when they tell him to do it. This is especially true during election time when the union endorses one candidate over another. The endorsed candidate will get the lot of union votes, usually for favors paid to union leadership after the election ends.

3. Blue collar is synonymous with the decline of American industries and the creation of the "Rust Belt". Blue collar workers got greedy and demanded unusually high wages and benefits for a decreasing amount of work and responsibility. This resulted in many unskilled labor positions being moved to other countries. See steel industry and automotive industries as example.
See that guy, he is one lazy ass blue collar man.
by opinonated January 21, 2011
a blue collar guy is someone who does work on the side of his usual job for a little extra cash.
"Jeremy's dad works for the Teamsters Union, but sometimes on the side he pours concrete cause he is good at it.. and he makes like $1,000 a job.. Now thats a blue collar guy!"
by jeremy1221 February 16, 2008
working class who wear nice work shirts for manual labour or some other job shitty job.
blue collar = unashamedly poor
by Gumba Gumba August 04, 2004
Someone who is very proud that they hunt, fish, drive a truck, work for minimum wage, work in maunal labor, and wear cowboy hat. Otherwise known as a Redneck.
Blue Collar People= Redneck
by cerealkiller182 October 31, 2005
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