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it is the combonation of two somamuscle relaxer), and one bluesvalium. the blues is the cheese and the soma is the bread. i luv em. makes me feel like super ultra mega man. for higher tolerance poppers, i suggest the double blue cheese sandwich. talk about good times. try avoid driving tho because i personally know 3 people that get the munchies and crash their car because blue cheese sandwiches give you mad munchies but makes you slow motion while driving. not a good combe but blue cheese is 4 sho.
sweet, i am in no pain after poppin that blue cheese sandwich. i think im goin for the double blue cheese sandwich and then im going to burgerknig for some grumb and then pass out for about 14 hours. i feel bad for those people who have never tried these blue cheese sandwiches. they work wonders!
by flava_b November 27, 2008
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