friend or best friend, mate
aka "bud"
Sup blud?!
Not Much blud?!
by Dustin March 11, 2004
eg.....bredrin,star(for da white people "dude")
wats gwanin star

nuttin much blud jst chillin
by gyal October 03, 2003
mate, geezer (for blacks)
(bluds in plural)
wagwan blud(s), lets bust a cap in dat wiggas ass
by rickyg March 10, 2004
bateheads use this word.
seen blud seen
by chris iggulden December 11, 2003
somone as getto as myself
bust a cap
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
Stands for Bloody Love You Dun I
You got me a beer?!, Blud innit geeze.
by Edsonic December 29, 2004
AS in share blood, in otherwords brother. Not actually your brtoher though. But if your white you cannot go calling your black friend blud. an' vice versa.
"'sup blud!"
"how are you, my brother?"
by Luna March 07, 2004
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