A blend: blow + suck = bluck. (v) To simultaneously blow and suck. Can be used to describe very good, or contrarily very bad, blowjobs.
1.) S/he blucks great!
2.) S/he blucks so hard I came out of it with a blood-blister on my <insert appropriate genitalia here>
#blow #suck #blowjob #hickey #phenomenal #blood-blister #pain #painfulness #ouch
by Greyson December 11, 2007
Top Definition
a combination of "blah" and "yuck" used to express extreme disgust
That burger was bluck.
by Jasmine Pearl December 01, 2003
A Combination of Fucked, Plucked, and Bucked.

Definition 1: to get shot.

Definition 2: To get fucked up.

Definition 3: To kill someone.
Definition 1:

Gangsta: "Damn homie, I was rollin' through Crip turf an' I damn near got blucked!"

Definition 2:

G 1: "Muthafucka I'ma fuck you up!"
G 2: "Bitch bring it, yo' ass is about to get BLUCKED!"

Definition 3"

Homie 1: "Ayo, I jus' saw that bitch you beefin' with stroll by..."

Homie 2: "Oh fa sheezy? Lemme get my strap, I'ma BLUCK this muthafucka!"

#fucked #plucked #blucked #bucked #hyphy
by HyphyCanada December 12, 2008
The last name of a very cool group of people. Most of the known ones in the world are farmers. They are great people to be around.
I had a great time with the Bluck family.
#awesome #great #friendly #lovely #farming
by Allie Ater October 14, 2008
To blow and suck at the same time.
that Scarface game blucked.
#bluck #blow #suck #word #meaning
by bobbobbob July 30, 2007
implying extreme disgust.
His dinner was so bluck he spit it inside his napkin and threw it away.
#yuck #gross #disgusting #grotesque #bad
by dksalgjaob May 21, 2007
redneck f'ucking.
Hey Y'all, ya her about Ellie-May and Cletus? they BLUCK'D at the hoedown after drinkin' a whole jug a' moonshine last sunday night afta church.
#sexual intercourse #hillbilly sexual intercourse #sex #getting it on #reproducing
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