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Conservative talk show host Bill O'Reilly.
Bill O'Reilly is a blubbering vagina.
by Urban Dictionary February 06, 2005

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An overly-distrought dude that cries like a little girl.
Aw, look at the poor little blubbering vagina! Grow some balls, man!
by Capt. Bloobomz June 02, 2006
A blubbering vagina is someone who ditches their friends because they're "busy."
Cary is a blubbering vagina because he says he will come hang out, but then not call us or anything to say he's not coming over and later finding out he went to get some ass.
by Jennifer May 30, 2004
Is someone who has sex in another person room.
Something a blubbering vagina would do
by Eloy May 30, 2004