a group of 6 girls who are the SHIZ!beware their EXCELLENT at tping.and they really like waynes world
The blowpop bandits totally got us last night.
by wayne campbell August 03, 2004
Top Definition
a group of 6 girls who are the SHIZZNIT!..they also are EXCELLENT at tping so beware!!!!
Shoot the blowpop bandits got me again!but dang they are the shiz!
by garth August 04, 2004
a group of 6 girls which is the shiznit!!they rock at tping so beware!!!they are non floozies
the blowpop bandits don't like don!
by don henry August 03, 2004
a group of 6 tp'ing, waynes world liking,tickling girls....who are EXCELLENT at tp'ing...so BEWARE!!
"man..guys im so stupid, the bandits got my house again lastnight!"
by Wayne Campbell August 03, 2004
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