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When a standard apology just won't do. The act of giving oral sex as a form of making up for a previous wrong.
She new she was in the wrong and just saying sorry wasn’t going to do it. So she got down on her knees and 'blowpologised'...............and all was forgiven :)

What a great blowpology he sighed before having a nap
by Ruby Dawg October 20, 2011

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The only sincere apology. When you fuck up and say sorry, your man has to guess if you are being sincere. But a blowjob apology solves that problem. The blowpology replaces "I'm sorry" adds sincerity and added comfort.
Jim:: “Dewd she was a real bitch to you last night!! I can’t believe she did that did she at least say ‘sorry’”
Jason: “Everything is fine now, she gave me a blowpology, so I know she was sincere"
by Lascivious May 27, 2014