When your finger breaks through the toilet paper while wiping, causing you to soil your finger/hand
I had a blow out while wiping
by bgd123 June 01, 2011
when a female inserts the penis in the mouth to perform falacio she exerts from her lungs a thick indo cloud onto the penis creating massive smoke clouds upon the males pecker and balls.
man sherry gave me a blowout the other day and when she blew out man i realy blew in..
by tymatdrew October 15, 2010
A blow out is when you have a soft serve ice cream bowel movement and whether its an hour or 5 mins after the dump , you think its gonna be a clean fart and poof there is the small splatter left over onto your underwear, Not to be confused with the Shart a blow out is not as runny.
Hey man, I ate a whole pot of beans and man I had a nice long dump then I was watching George Lopez and hey bro I thought I had to fart but I had a "blow out"
by Charmizzle 032001 February 07, 2010
To scream at a group of people from a moving car. Followed by a quick getaway only if any member of the forementioned crowd has access to a car. This maneuver is preferrably executed at night to minimize the chances of your identity being known. Many times directed toward homeless tramps/skanks/posers, adolescents, and the elderly. The object simply being to scare the shit out of any unsuspecting person who must taste the brunt of your wrath. Does not have to be a coherent word - it can be any form of loud noise as well, such as an airhorn.
"We took a lap last night and did a blow-out to some people on graham (ave)."
by degowhop May 01, 2007
Something that can happen with your rectum if you try to lift too much weight.
Jim tried to bench 400 lbs and that jive turkey had a blowout. Shit and intestines all over the place.
by Nettled October 21, 2003
this is getting multiple haircuts (definition with energy drink and alcohol) from a woman while getting a blowjob from a woman at the same time. the haircuts do not end until u cum in the girls mouth. this obviously means the number of haircuts will vary completely from blowout to blowout.
I got a blowout from these two chicks and i think i watched jesus play guitar with jimi.
by bigmaxx23 July 10, 2008
Sweetest combo ever. Blow an entire 512mg percocet to your dome, chug a beer, and smoke a bowl.
Yo brudda last nite i had a Blowout that knocked me unconcious. I've never been so happy and disoriented at the same time.
by A-dubs21 February 12, 2008

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